1910 T. Elder Issue Delorey-47 Lincoln Gold NGC MS 65

Very Rare 1910 Lincoln Elder Token. Gold. 15.1 mm. 35.7 grains. 18 karat. King-242, DeLorey-47, NGC Certified Mint State 65.

Even and attractive golden yellow. Far rarer than the commonly seen 1927-dated Lincoln gold tokens by Elder; that issue had a mintage of 500 pieces (net 300 after meltings) while this had a mintage of 50 examples with 15 melted before issue, for a net release of just 35 pieces. The nearly identical 1939-dated piece by Elder saw a mintage of 100 gold examples in matte finish and 400 gold pieces in brilliant. That issue is listed in the So-Called Dollars book while neither this very rare 1910 issue nor the 1927 issue is.DeLorey notes that this issue saw just 35 examples released in gold, 25 in silver, and 10 to 25 in copper, making it rare in every composition. For those who collect Lincoln or Elder material, this is a key rarity and a prime collectible.

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