The Frank Collection

There have been many famous hoards of Silver Dollars appearing over the years. The GSA (General Services Administration) Carson City (CC) dollars being the most famous followed by the Redfield hoard and the infamous Binion coins. Often they are a hodgepodge of coins. The public never knows which one to buy. However if you are a discriminating collector you can amass coins of great value.

Now for the first time we are offering a “Hoard” of coins that were carefully selected over a 50 year period. Many of these coins are from the Carson City mint. Usually we only see the Morgan silver dollars from Carson City. This collection contains dimes, quarters, halves, Trade dollars and even a few gold coins. Also there are many silver dollar rarities from other mints.

These handpicked coins were chosen for their scarcity, eye appeal and most importantly their ability to rise in value. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, better date silver dollars have been a popular collectible for over 100 years. These coins are no fad item. Coins of the Carson City mint have been in demand from when they were first made in 1870 to when the mint closed in 1893. The oldest “CC” coins in this collection are Trade Dollars from 1874. They were made for a short time 1873-1885 and were sent to China as competition to other countries silver coins that had more silver than our Morgan silver dollar. The difference was .014 oz at $1.29/oz, the price of silver at that time. That is a difference of less than 2 cents, back when 2 cents bought something. We even made 2 cent coins but that is another story. For a time the Trade Dollar was demonetized, the only coin to have that happen to. Its legal tender status has since been returned.

In my 42 years of Professional Numismatics, this is the largest and best collection I have ever purchased. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to capitalize on Frank’s efforts.

Now a little bit about Frank. I met Frank almost as soon as I opened my shop in Tucson in 1998. We had an instant rapport. I could tell he not only collected and invested in coins, he loved them. We shared a passion. Frank was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1947. Although he went to Creighton University he considered himself a lifelong Cornhusker. His father owned a tavern and little Frank would look through the small change for his collection, even at a young age he was hooked. He remembered how exciting it was in 1959 when the Lincoln Cent received a new reverse. The Lincoln Memorial replaced the wheat stalks on the reverse. I remember that too, that was the year I began collecting. Frank’s grandfather stoked his collecting by giving him silver dollars on his birthday and special occasions. This sparked his interest in the history of the American west. His early reading was the beginnings of the vast research he would do later on.

Frank was drafted and served our country in the Navy during the Viet Nam war. His special skills were used in many covert operations. He left the service in 1978 only to continue to work with the Navy overseeing many engineering projects.

Frank came to Tucson in 1993. After we met in 1998 he was a constant caller wanting to know what interesting items I had acquired. Frank bought quite a few of them, especially the ones from Carson City. When he retired in 2007 he devoted himself full time to reading the history of the American west and collecting coins.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Frank’s research and expertise. It is a once in a lifetime chance. Many famous collections are sold at huge premiums. This is not the case here. At the present time we feel these items are at bargain prices that will not be seen again. Each coin will be accompanied by a card denoting it is from the Frank collection. They are listed here on our website. Please stop by to see them.

Thank you,
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